Ruby Red Charity Tee (Childrens)

  • Ruby Red Charity Tee (Childrens)
  • Ruby Red Charity Tee (Childrens)
  • Ruby Red Charity Tee (Childrens)

Who is Ruby?
Ruby is a 25 year old nurse and mother from Wallasey, England who has recently been in a life altering accident.

What happened?
Ruby was crushed between two cars whilst shopping with her son. When she realised she was in danger she managed to push her son who was in a trolley out of danger. Her baby boy Leon was safe however, Ruby was left with injuries that will change the rest of her life. Ruby was airlifted to Aintree Hospital and had to have her right leg amputated and the other put into a stabilising cage.

Where will the profits go?
Ruby was actually due to go back to work as a nurse after maternity leave just one week after the accident. She of course was not able to do this and will now be focusing on her recovery. Her partner has also had to take time off of work to look after their son. This means that on top of medical bills, the young family have bills and a mortgage to pay for. So this is what the profits will go towards. Every penny of the profit is to help with rehab, prosthetics, therapies, disability aids, mortgage and bills.