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Who am I?

So who is the face behind Radical Love? 
My name is Cassie and I'm a 24 year old nursing student and sex educator from Liverpool. 

Radical Love started in lockdown. I was GROWING. I spent most of lockdown reading, writing and then arguing with my dad about these topics. I found out what I was passionate about, begun to love my body and had this sudden thirst to educate and empower people. I started my instagram page and now here we are. My best friend Sam was going through a very similar journey and we begun t have the best conversations that helped us grow even more. We're decided to record these conversations and you guessed it.. start a podcast. Since then life has been crazy. We've laughed, we've cried, we've gotten VERY angry. The podcast is our child and we have recently had the honour of winning "Micro Influencer of the Year" with brook x SH_24. A career highlight for sure. 

I'm a qualified Sex Educator and my specialities are queer sex ed, consent and pleasure. I teach Sex Ed both online and in school and I am starting my very own consent workshops online soon! (Watch this space). I also speak on lots of feminist issues. Ive been a passionate feminist from a very young age and aim to include EVERYONE in my feminism. That includes black womena and WOC, trans people, sex workers and men. 
Another thing I can't help but open my mouth about is the queer community. As a queer woman myself queer right are incredibly important to me and this is shown in all areas of my work; feminism, sex education and mental health. 

 I have also mentioned that I am a second year nursing student. I'm particularly interested in sexual health and Oncology. After I qualify I will be continuing my education and training to be a sex and relationship therapist. 

I'm not sure where Radical Love or even life will take me but I'm excited to continue to empower people.